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Our Products

We are a full service Healthcare solution provider. We provide both cloud based solutions and full in-house server based solutions. We can set up your Wi-Fi, entire network and peripheral devices to ensure your office needs are met. We provide hardware and software as well as the best in class service and support. Schedule a demo today to learn more about our products and to see how we can help you become more efficient and see higher ROI.

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Practice Management and EHR

  • Intergy Practice Managment

  • Intergy EHR

  • Intergy UB Billing Module

  • Intergy CHC Module

  • Intergy Mobile

Data Insights

  • Greenway Insights

  • Intergy Practice Analytics

Healthy Outcomes

  • Greenway Patient Portal

  • Greenway Patient Messaging

  • Greenway Telehealth

  • Greenway Care Coordination Services

Revenue Cycle Management

  • Greenway Clearinghouse Services

  • Greenway Revenue Services

Clinical Add-ons

  • ePrescribing - Controlled Substances

  • Greenway Clinical Services with Lab Portal

  • Greenway Direct - Direct Messaging

  • Interface Custom Development

  • Custom Reporting

Additional Services

Site/Network Inspection

Evaluate office for proper network configuration. Verify that wired and wireless network communications are optimum.


Provide ongoing support and maintenance for all network equipment including: servers, PCs, printers, scanners and firewall

Backup Administration/Monitoring both onsite and offsite

Administration of backups of servers and PCs as needed. This includes disaster recovery

Security Review and Monitoring

Internal and External security of network and servers

Installation/Connection of HW

Installation and configuration of network equipment, including: Servers, printers, firewalls, wireless access points, etc..

Network Administration

Deliver day to day administration of network equipment and operating systems

Hosted Data/Remote Access

Cloud hosting of servers when no onsite server is desired

Liaison with Internet provider and other vendors

Act as a professional contact for internet service providers and other 3rd party vendors to ensure proper implementation for your environment

Telephone Support​


Provide unlimited phone support for all covered equipment and services

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This Free, no obligation demo, will show you our system and how we can help your office become more efficient and grow. This is also an opportunity for you and your team to ask any questions regarding our system.

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