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Change is Never Ending

I have been with Bradford Scott Data Corporation (BSDC) for 20 years and I have seen so much change in the medical field, it would make your head spin. We have seen the paper claim HCFA1500 change to CMS1500, along with a huge change in the diagnosis coding from ICD-9 (13k codes) to ICD-10 (68k codes). How in the world can there be that many diagnosis codes and only one code for immunizations? We have seen insurance companies all go to all internet bases claims and eligibility instead of paper and phone calls. We have seen the arrival of patient portals and mobile based services that include appointment reminders by email, text or phone calls. We have seen the arrival of tablets being used in the offices for patients to use, instead paper. We have seen so many doctors selling their practice's to the hospital's, for the security of a paycheck and benefits and with the promise of less administrative work. We have seen practices change software vendors and then return, because the promises of greener pastures did not measure up to what they had here with BSDC. We have seen the government force practices to use EHR by promising incentives to purchase the software, but then punish them by taking away a percentage of their Medicare payments if they don't use the software up to their specifications. We have seen all of these changes and so many more that it makes my head explode. All of the employees at BSDC are here to make your life as easy as possible and you are part of our family and hopefully, we are part of yours. We offer medical software with many options and we tailor it to your specific needs and help you along the way as you get adjusted to using our software and to the everchanging world of health care. We are here to help you with change!

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